Love It!

I love it!! Smells great, goes on easy and worked from first day. I do recommend it. – Priscila W.

By Far The Best

I tried a bunch of other natural deodorants, but this is by far the best one. It lasted me all day. I tend to have allergic reactions to a lot of deodorants and this one has been amazing. – Mari Davis

Solution To My Problem

Thank you! I think this may be the solution to my problem. Ive tried many different brands and they all cause a rash that makes me feel insecure to wear tank tops or don’t work and leave me smelling. Thanks again – Latoya Rainwater


I have always been very skeptical about “natural deodorants”. Quite frankly, they are ineffective. I was pleasantly surprized and impressed with Salt Way’s natural deodorant. It works! I highly recommend it. – Susan Diskic


Salt way deodorant is awesome! It lasts all day, even through my vigorous RPM class. Regular deodorants cause me to break out with painful lumps under my arms. I am happy to have found a natural alternative that works better than any regular deodorant on the shelf at the store. Thank you Salt Way for […]

My Kid and I

My kid and I tried the salt way lavender deodorant and we both loved it. It has lavender my favorite smell and I’m happy I finally found a product that works perfect for me. – Millie Cueto


I didn’t know what to expect when I got my sample. now, I work hard (outside) and this deodorant is AMAZING. when I say AMAZING, I mean AMAZING 😍 just a hint of lavender – Camry Washington-Jones

Zumba Class

The deodorant goes on smooth and does not clump. My big test was to see how it’d hold up in a Zumba class. I teach 3 days a week and I am a sweaty beast! Attractive, huh? It did absorb some wetness, blocked odor, and I smelled orangy fresh the whole class. I am very […]

After Shaving

I shave my face every single day and my head twice a week. Sandalwood is the oil I always use after shaving. It not only eliminates that kind of skin burning sensation I used to have but also adds comforting and calming healing. Thanks, Salt Way, for such a wonderful and healthy product! – Dr. […]